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About Retro Highway

Rev up your engine for a classic ride with Retro Highway, a motorcycle game that perfectly blends classic art with modern gameplay excitement.

What’s Retro Highway?

Retro Highway is a fun adventure game with a retro look. Your goal is to get as far through the roads as you can. There are challenges on every trip. Earn coins and unlock new vehicles and places.

How to play Retro Highway

Be careful not to hit other cars on the highway as you drive your car and collect coins. Perform incredible moves to not only earn money but also unlock access to different locations. Every setting, from mountains to deserts to even the moon, offers a different and beautiful experience.

Besides, Retro Highway offers many different types of vehicles, each with its own style and characteristics. You can find a car that fits your style, whether you like to drive through the woods or do tricks on the moon.

What Makes Retro Highway Unique?

  • Classic and modern mix: The game's classic pixel art style adds a nostalgic charm combined with modern racing
  • Add more excitement: for added excitement, you can choose to increase your power and admire how amazingly your speed can accelerate. Requires you to control your karma to avoid dangerous collisions.
  • Diverse locations: Explore a variety of visually stunning locations, each with its own challenges and surprises.
  • Unlock vehicles: Collect coins to choose the vehicle you want, each offering a unique experience and driving style.

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