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About Suika Taylor Swift

Suika Taylor Swift is a fun game that is developed based on the famous Suika Game (Watermelon Game). It features the same gameplay as the original version, in which you will be able to drop fruits into a box with your click. However, in the Suika Taylor Swift game, each "fruit" will include an image of Taylor Swift. You will try to merge the fruit of the same type into a bigger one. Your goal in this game is to create the biggest image corresponding to the watermelon. 

How to Play Suika Taylor Swift

Your objective is to drop fruits and make them bigger. Here are the guides you should follow:

  • Drop fruits that look the same close to each other. They will merge and become bigger fruits.
  • Make the biggest image of Taylor Swift that represents the watermelon.
  • Be careful not to fill up the box with fruits. If the box is full, the game is over.

Tips to Play Suika Taylor Swift

Merge the fruits of the same image as much as possible.

Trying to match multiple fruits with the same image will give you a chance to get larger fruits. Thanks to that, conquering the biggest fruit is also faster.

Make sure a fruit will be dropped to touch one of the same images.

When you drop an image of Taylor Swift, you ought to make sure it can touch an image of its type below without being obstructed by other images. Having attention on that helps you merge more fruits and avoid getting stuck. 

Play more to be a master.

This is true of all things. Playing regularly gives you the experience of your own to be better next time. Here, you can play the Suika Taylor Swift game online for free anytime without downloading. Let’s do it now! 

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