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About Suika Kittens

Suika Kittens is a fun and adorable version of the classic Watermelon game Suika. The players are on an engaging puzzle adventure where the goal is to combine lovely cats.

What’s Suika Kittens Game?

Suika Kittens retains the core mechanics of Suika Game but replaces the fruit with many cute cats. The goal is to arrange and evolve these furry friends to strategically get high scores. Each level presents a unique puzzle, challenging players to plan their moves and create the perfect combination.

How to play Suika Kittens Game?

Your task is to choose the right place to release each kitten, in order to create combinations by placing identical species near each other.
Just like in the Suika Game, when identical cats are combined together, they will evolve into a new, even more adorable kitten. Witness adorable transformations and discover more evolving kittens as you progress through the game.

Physics and precision:
The game adds an extra layer of challenge with physics-based mechanics. Kittens don't always fall exactly where you intend, adding an element of unpredictability.

Strategic Planning:
Plan your moves strategically to maximize combinations and create space on the screen for more cats. Predict how physics will affect the kitten's position, ensuring a smooth and successful evolution.

Collect more points:
To truly master Suika Kittens, try to collect more points throughout the game. Discovering new species, creating complex combinations, and completing levels efficiently all contribute to your total score.

The thrill of the game:

Suika Kittens offers a unique gameplay experience that combines the thrill of solving puzzles with the fun of watching how adorable kittens will evolve.

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