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About Watermelon Hokkaido Game

Dive into the exciting world of Hokkaido Watermelon Game, a whimsical version of the famous Suika Game. This exciting adventure will take you on a journey involving the iconic Hokkaido prefecture, instead of fruit like the Suika game.

What’s Watermelon Hokkaido Game?

The Hokkaido Watermelon Game emerged as a humorous and creative parody, turning the Suika Game craze into a laughter-filled quest to build Hokkaido.

How to play Watermelon Hokkaido Game

Watermelon Hokkaido Game borrows the essence of Suika Game but adds a unique twist. Players are tasked with arranging Japan's various prefectures on the game board, aiming to build the perfect shape of Hokkaido. The gameplay mirrors Suika Game's familiar user interface, creating a parody that is both entertaining and engaging.

Features of Watermelon Hokkaido Game

Familiar User Interface: Enjoy the nostalgic Game Suika interface with a humorous twist on Japanese provinces.

Prefecture Puzzle: Instead of the usual fruit-dropping mechanic, Hokkaido Watermelon Game challenges players to strategically drop prefectures such as Chiba, Saga, and Shiga. Put them together to form the iconic shape of Hokkaido.

Geography knowledge: Hokkaido Watermelon Game offers a playful look at Japanese geography and adds clarity to the knowledge of which prefectures Hokkaido is made of.

Nostalgia and novelty: Players familiar with Suika Games will feel comfortable in the game's user interface, while the combination of districts brings an element of novelty and fun.

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