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About Merge to Battle

Merge to Battle is an engaging real-time evolutionary strategy game in which players must conquer enemy castles using a combination of tactical prowess and strategic thinking. Your main goal is to build and upgrade castles, train and upgrade troops, and develop your units to create an unstoppable army.

How to play Merge to Battle:

Deploy your army strategically, plan your attacks, and seize control of enemy territory to expand your empire and assert dominance on the battlefield.

To make your defenses stronger and your troops stronger, start by building and improving your castle. Spend money on upgrades to make your troops better, get access to new guns and armor, and improve your battlefield strategy.

You can see how your troops have changed over time by joining two units together to make a new, stronger unit. 

Plan your moves, make the most of the terrain, and be smart about how you use your troops to beat your opponents and win every battle.

Why should you play Merge to Battle?

  • Strategic Depth: Unite to Fight offers a unique combination of real-time strategy and unit evolution, giving players endless opportunities to make strategic decisions and master tactics.
  • Engaging Gameplay: With intuitive controls, vibrant graphics, and dynamic gameplay mechanics, Merge to Battle delivers an engaging gameplay experience that will keep you captivated for hours.
  • Endless Challenge: With castles to conquer, units to develop, and battles to win, Merge to Battle offers endless challenges and opportunities for exploration.

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