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About Suika Anime Balls Mixer

The classic puzzle game Suika Game Watermelon is taken to a whole new level with Suika Anime Balls Mixer, which combines it with a world of bright and interesting anime images.

What’s Suika Anime Balls Mixer game?

Suika Anime Balls Mixer keeps the basic gameplay of Suika Game but adds a cute anime-style visual theme. The balls, which stand for different anime themes, hit each other and change shape as identical balls join together.

How to play Suika Anime Balls Mixer

  • The core objective remains the same – merge identical balls and overcome challenges to prevent the balls from reaching the top line.
  • Each collision between two similar balls changes them, making anime-themed balls that are bigger and look different.

Suika Anime Balls Mixer isn't just a puzzle game; anime fans will love the way it looks. Adding anime images to the game makes it more fun to play and creates an immersive experience that anime fans will enjoy.

Tips to play well Suika Anime Balls Mixer

Prevent accumulation: The task is to keep the balls from building up to the top line. When you join balls together successfully, they will change into new shapes, making more space and stopping buildups that could end the game.

Predict: Guess how things will change, and use your fusion skills to get access to new anime-style graphics.

Unpredictability: with each position of dropping the ball, the balls can bounce, you have to think strategically to avoid interrupting your chain of reactions.

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