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About Watermelon Game

Watermelon Game, which is also popular as Suika Game, is a fruit puzzle game loved worldwide. It originated from a Chinese game called Synthetic Big Watermelon, but only really took off and was widely spread with the Nintendo eShop version in Japan.

Watermelon Game (Suika Game) Gameplay

You can play the Watermelon Game online without downloading it to your device. The gameplay sounds quite simple, but is it truly as it is said to be? Your task is to control the fruits to drop them into a box. The fruits will float and can touch each other. Every two fruits of the same type touch each other, they will merge into a larger one. Your ultimate goal is to have the biggest watermelon.

How to Play Watermelon Game

As mentioned above, the game rules don't really make things hard for you. They can be summarized in 3 lines as follows:

  1.  Control the fruits to drop them into the box.
  2. Try to merge fruits of the same type to have a bigger one.
  3. Aim for the goal of creating the biggest watermelon.

The game is endless; it is as far as you can go. It is only stopped as soon as you make the box full, and no more moves can be made.

Control guide:

Below is the guide to controlling fruits in the Watermelon Game:

  • Click to drop the fruits.
  • Click on the spot where you want the fruit to fall.

Watermelon Game (Suika Game) on PC

Tips to Win Watermelon Game (Suika Game)

Your score in the Watermelon Game, of course, does not depend on luck. What tips and strategies can help you get high scores in this game?

Consider each of your moves carefully before clicking.

It is important to stare carefully to make sure the fruit falls exactly where you want it to. If you click and do this randomly, your box will soon be full, which quickly leads the game to the end.

Pay attention to the color and size of the fruits.

Because your goal is to merge fruits of the same type into a larger one, pay attention to their colors and traits. This is to ensure the highest rate of fruits of the same type being combined together.

Know that the sidewalls make fruits bounce.

A fruit will bounce if it is dropped on one of the side walls. Take advantage of this feature for your fruit merging strategy.

Take advantage of the Move Undo feature.

The game allows players to undo the last move. Therefore, if you accidentally make a mistake, you can use this feature to redo it.

Watermelon Game (Suika Game) on PC

Is the Watermelon Game on PC?

You can play the Suika Watermelon Game online for free on your PC. There is no requirement to download to enjoy the game, as it runs smoothly on your browser. The game is simple but challenging; getting the biggest watermelons is your goal.

Save this page to play the game no matter where you want.

How should fruits be merged?

The fruits in the Suika Watermelon Game are in order from smallest to largest, as follows:


Your goal is to get the biggest watermelon. How should fruits be merged to reach that goal?

Merge fruits of the same type as many times as possible. Even after falling into the box, fruits of the same type can still merge into one when they touch each other. Therefore, you should merge fruits of the same type as much as possible to quickly get watermelon.

Additionally, when a fruit falls, it can cause an impact that causes other fruits in the box to move. Therefore, if there are 2 fruits of the same type lying close to each other but not touching each other, you can take advantage of that to have an impact on one of these two fruits and make it move.


The Watermelon Game, or Suika Game, has its own reason to be viral in the game world. It is now no longer limited to the Japanese version, but you can fully enjoy it with this English version. The interesting gameplay and unique physics-based challenges help the game get players' attention.

Try it now to see if you are attracted to the Watermelon Game.

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