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About Cats Drop

Cats Drop is a cute puzzle game where you can play with adorable cats with different colors and appearances. Your objective in the game is to make bigger cats by merging smaller ones. 

The game turns up with a cup where you will drop cute cats from the top to the button. You have to drop so that cats of the same appearance can touch each other and turn into bigger cats. The more cats you merge, the higher your score is. 

Your ultimate goal in the Cats Drop game is to have the biggest cat before the cup becomes full. That also means that if the cup fills up, the game will end. 

How to Play Cats Drop

You need to know how to control cats before actually entering the game and conquering the biggest one. Here's how:

  • Access this site to play Cats Drop online for free. 
  • Move your mouse to control the cat. 
  • Aim the cat in the direction you want it to fall. 
  • Click the left mouse to drop the cat.
  • Try to keep cats within the cup. If a cat falls out of the cup, the game will end immediately. 

Cats Drop FAQs

Below are some of the popular questions about the game:

Is Cats Drop on PC?

Yes. Cats Drop is now available on PC. All players can play it online without downloading. Also, playing on a PC gives you a more interesting experience with vivid sounds and colors.

How do I play Cats Drop for free?

Cats Drop is a completely free game. Just make your device available with a stable connection, and you can enjoy it for free no matter when or where you are.

Is Cats Drop similar to the Suika Game?

Yes. It has the same gameplay, but cute cats are the main characters instead of fruits.

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