Hills of Steel

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About Hills of Steel

Are you ready for an amazing journey? Hill of Steel will take you from the battlefield to the moon of the future. This game offers intense battles, allowing you to customize your tank's appearance and destroy steel enemies.

What’s Hill of Steel?

Hill of Steel is a tank game have it's a fusion of strategic planning, customization, and thrilling battles. With diverse challenges, an extensive upgrade system, and engaging gameplay, it stands out as a must-play for enthusiasts of action and strategy games.

How to play Hill of Steel

You can change the way your tank looks and works to suit your game tastes as the commander of a tank in Hill of Steel. Choose from a variety of tanks, each equipped with unique skills and features. Success in the game requires strategic planning and the ability to adapt to each passing battlefield.

Take on bold enemies of steel, crush your foes, and get past any problems that stand in your way.

Use the valuable items you get from killing enemies to improve and level up your tank. Pick out the most effective equipment for your tank to make it an even stronger enemy on the battlefield. Customization options are extensive, allowing you to create your ultimate war machine.

Why you should play Hills of Steel?

  • Diverse Challenges: Go on a trip through different battlefields, each with its own problems and challenges.
  • Epic clashes and upgrade rewards: Engage in fierce battles, overcome enemies, and conquer obstacles. The loot you collect gives you the opportunity to upgrade your tank and equip it with special weapons.
  • Customization: Change how your tanks and special weapons look to fit your own style.

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