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About Swing Monkey

Take an exciting flight adventure with Swing Monkey, an exciting game that challenges players to swing, soar and dodge their way through a series of exhilarating levels.

What’s Swing Monkey game?

It's an addictive adventure where you launch a monkey into the sky instead of controlling it as usual, you will make the monkey swing on a rope to overcome obstacles and attempt to conquer increasingly challenging levels.

How to play Swing Monkey

Navigate by launching the monkey using the trampoline, ropes and rings, swinging back and forth to gain momentum and releasing at the perfect time to fly through the air and towards the finish line. It will get harder as you go through the levels, giving you a unique and tough experience that you can look forward to.

Tips to play well Swing Monkey

  • Launch the tarp: Start the adventure by launching the monkey off the tarp. To get the perfect start, you need to learn how to time and track your flight.
  • Spin action: Click and hold to cling to the nearest ring, swing back and forth to build momentum. Intuitive controls make it easy for players of all skill levels to enjoy the game.
  • Avoid obstacles: Look at the rope and guess how long it is to easily get past many things in your way.

What makes Swing Monkey unique?

For all ages: The game's simple controls help players of all ages participate.

Progressive Challenge: Swing Monkey keeps players hooked with each level with its new challenges, avoiding monotony and providing a sense of accomplishment after each stage is completed.

Skill-based gameplay: Perfect your timing, trajectory, and swing to navigate obstacles seamlessly.

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