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About Merge and push 3D

Immerse yourself in the dynamic and exciting world of 3D arcade games with Merge and Push 3D. This awe-inspiring game challenges you to assemble a formidable team of stick figures, strategically merge and scale your forces, and engage in fierce battles to push your opponents off the track.

How to play Merge and push 3D:

  • Gather your Stickman team: At the heart of Merge and Push 3D is the need to assemble a powerful team of stickmen. These dynamic characters will be your force in the upcoming battles. Choose your soldiers strategically to create a balanced and powerful team.
  • Effective force allocation: Success in Merge and Push 3D requires efficient distribution of your stickman forces. Consider the strengths and abilities of each stickman in your group. Strategically position them on the track to gain a tactical advantage over your opponents.
  • Merge and scale Stickmen: Merge identical stickmen to create stronger and larger versions of your forces. Scaling your stickmen will enhance their abilities and increase your chances of overwhelming your opponents. Master the art of fusion to create an unstoppable team.
  • Join the Stickman battle: When your Stickman team is ready, participate in fierce battles on the track. Push your opponents off the rails using your merged and shrunk stickmen. Dynamic 3D environments add excitement to battles, making each encounter a thrilling experience.
  • Strategic thinking is key: Merge and Push 3D isn't just about raw power; Strategic thinking plays an important role. Plan your moves, predict your opponents' actions, and execute well-timed fusions to gain the upper hand in battles. The ability to adapt and make quick decisions is essential to win.

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