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About Candy Shop Merge

Enjoy your sweet world and embark on an exciting merge adventure with Candy Shop Merge! 

Candy Shop Merge is a fun online merger game that invites players into a world of delectable sweets and treats. The game revolves around the concept of merging identical candies to unlock new recipes, expand your candy collection, and upgrade your merging empire. Whether you're a casual gamer or a merge enthusiast, Candy Shop Merge delivers an engaging and intuitive experience.

How to Play Candy Shop Merge: 

  • The core gameplay: revolves around merging identical candies. Combine two of the same candy to unlock new recipes and expand your fun collection. Experiment with different combinations to discover exciting new sweets.
  • Level up and increase tablespace: As you merge candies and progress in the game, you will level up and earn rewards. Leveling up will unlock more board space, providing more space to merge and create delicious candy combinations.
  • Clicker fury mode: Candy Shop Merge caters to a variety of play styles. For those looking for a faster experience, take on Clicker Fury Mode. Click your way to more cakes and candies, speed up your progress, and unlock new treats at a rapid pace.
  • Daily Bonus: Get involved by checking back every day to receive bonuses and rewards. Daily rewards provide additional incentives to continue merging, discover new candy possibilities, and expand your virtual candy store.
  • Unlock more candy: The game continuously introduces new candies and recipes as you level up and progress. Unlock a variety of sweets, each with unique combinations and visual appeal.

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