Watermelon Mania: Match Fruit

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About Watermelon Mania: Match Fruit

Immerse yourself in the crazy world of fruits with Watermelon Mania: Match Fruit, an exciting game in the beloved Suika Games genre.

Watermelon Mania: Match Fruit is a fan-made adaptation by Suika Games, offering players a vibrant and engaging experience in the world of fruit matching. Combine fruits by dropping, matching and merging them to create bigger and more unique combinations.

How to play Watermelon Mania: Match Fruit

  • Drop fruit: Use the mouse to strategically drop fruit into the box. The goal is to position the fruits so that two identical fruits collide and merge, forming a larger and more valuable fruit.
  • Combination strategy: Be decisive in your combination strategy. Plan your moves to create cascading matches, level up fruit, and maximize your score. The more arrangements you make, the higher your score.
  • Space management: Avoid cluttering the box with unnecessary fruit. Running out of space and consecutive unordered moves will result in game over. Make wise decisions to keep the game going and get a high score.
  • Level Up: As you match and merge fruits, watch them level up, adding an exciting element of progression to the gameplay. Aim for high-level fruit combinations to maximize your score.

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