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About Sushi Drop

Dive into the delicious world of sushi with Sushi Drop, an engaging puzzle game that combines culinary fusion and strategy. On a mission to create increasingly complex and expensive sushi dishes by dropping and merging sushi blocks. Let's play.

How to play Sushi Drop

Drop identical sushi blocks and merge them to create more complex and expensive sushi dishes. Combine your sushi strategically to satisfy your gourmet customers' orders.

Improve your sushi making skills with these boosters. Use the bomb booster to get rid of unwanted sushi and use the blender booster to reform your sushi creations. These tools add intrigue and strategy to your culinary puzzle solving.

Unleash your sushi artistry potential by achieving multiple combinations in a row. Each successive merge will contribute to creating more delicate sushi and bring you great rewards.

Collect coins as you master the art of sushi combinations. Use these coins to recruit new chefs for your sushi restaurant, each bringing a unique flair and expertise to the culinary table.

Control guide: Use A/D keys or hold down the mouse to move. Press the spacebar or click the mouse to drop it at the location you want.

Why is Sushi Drop so addictive?

  • Visually appealing: The game's vibrant and visually appealing sushi blocks create a feast for the eyes. From traditional rolls to beautiful creations, Sushi Drop offers a delightful visual experience.
  • Strategic challenges: Success in Sushi Drop goes beyond eliminations and consolidations. Players must strategize to make specific sushi orders, making each level a unique culinary challenge.
  • Culinary creativity: The game encourages players to unleash their culinary creativity. Experiment with different combinations, enhancements, and chef combinations to discover the most exquisite sushi combinations.

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