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About Suika Zoo Drop

Get ready for a wild adventure into the exciting animal world in Suika: Zoo Drop! A must-play game for animal enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike.

Suika: Zoo Dro! is an exciting puzzle game that introduces a unique twist on the world of animal evolution. The goal is simple: release the escaped animals in the zoo correctly, so that they evolve into larger creatures by merging identical species. From bears and walruses to elephants, giraffes, small chickens and frogs, many diverse animals are waiting for you to discover.

How to play Suika: Zoo Drop!

The gameplay is very easy but no less interesting. You will choose the target animals on the screen, choose the location you want and press release the animal. Similar animals will merge into one and evolve into another type of animal.

Key features of Suika: Zoo Drop!:

  • Animal Evolution: Experience mesmerizing animal evolution as you combine and merge identical breeds. Witness the transformation of tiny creatures into the largest and most impressive animals in the zoo.
  • Diverse Animal Kingdom: The game features a wide variety of zoo animals, offering an exciting mix of familiar and exotic species. Bear, walruses, elephants, giraffes, etc. ready to entertain you with their evolutionary journey.
  • A game that challenges reflexes: Suika: Zoo Drop! Goes beyond traditional puzzle games by incorporating reflex challenges. The interactive nature of the game ensures a fun and dynamic experience.

Embark on a zoo adventure with Suika: Zoo Drop! now.

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