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Enter the enchanting world of Suika Ibuki, where Touhou Project's beloved character, Suika Ibuki, takes center stage in an exciting and innovative game.

Suika Ibuki, known for her bubbly personality and presence in Touhou Project, will now star in her own game Suika Ibuki. This game introduces a fresh and exciting concept by combining the world of anime characters with the delicious appeal of fruit. Players will enjoy embarking on a playful journey filled with colorful visuals, creative combinations, and a fusion of two favorite worlds.

How to play Suika Ibuki

  • Character and Fruit Combination: The core gameplay involves combining fruits that feature the images of two similar anime characters. Your mission is to merge these character-inspired fruits to create bigger and more special fruit combinations.
  • Strategic Pairing: To maximize your success in the game, pair strategically and prevent them from spilling out of the game zone. Experiment with different combinations to achieve unique and visually appealing results.
  • Create Extraordinary Fruit: When you successfully combine character-inspired fruit, witness the creation of extraordinary fruit that reflects the composite nature of the anime characters. Enjoy vibrant and captivating images of these larger-than-life fruits.
  • Advance through levels: Progress through levels by continuously merging fruits and unlocking new character combinations. Each level offers new challenges and opportunities to create even more amazing fruit combinations.
  • Collect Rewards and Bonuses: Earn rewards and bonuses when you successfully merge fruits and advance in the game. These rewards can include special powers, additional characters, or other fun surprises to enhance your gameplay experience.
  • Immerse yourself in Anime and Fruit Fusion: Immerse yourself in the exciting fusion of anime and fruit, with Suika Ibuki at the forefront of this creative adventure. The game offers an entertaining and visually engaging experience that caters to fans of both anime and games.

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