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About Suika Hololive Manjuu

Enter the enchanting world of Suika Hololive Manjuu, a game that combines the addictive gameplay of the classic Suika game with the virtual appeal of Hololive's talented virtual YouTubers.

In this exciting adventure, players will control IRyS, a Hololive idol, as she embarks on a quest to fuse adorable manjuu (Japanese sweets) and create a delightful spectacle.

How to play Suika Hololive Manjuu

Fusing Manjuu creates an irresistible combination. Merge manjuu of the same type to create a bigger and more interesting manjuu. Experiment with combinations, strategize your moves, and witness the sweetness unfold as you combine these adorable figures. 

Use A/D keys or arrow buttons to move. Press the spacebar to drop it at the location you want.

Lovely character:

As the main character of Suika Hololive Manjuu, IryS guides players through an exciting fusion journey. Discover many charming manjuu characters, each with their own design and personality. From classic manjuu to creatively themed ones, the game introduces a fun collection that adds a touch of Hololive magic to Suika's sweet world.

Hololive-themed challenges:

Suika Hololive Manjuu offers players challenges inspired by the Hololive universe. Participate in missions and increase the fun for fans of the virtual idol company.

Strategic and relaxing gameplay:

While the game offers strategic depth with its merge mechanics, it still maintains a relaxing and enjoyable pace. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a casual player, Suika Hololive Manjuu offers an engaging yet accessible experience for everyone.

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