Santa Claus Merge Numbers

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About Santa Claus Merge Numbers

Santa Claus Merge Numbers is a merge game with a fun Christmas theme. This fun puzzle game helps everyone get more holiday spirit and atmosphere, especially for those who love Santa Claus.

How to play Santa Claus Merge Numbers

Observe the same numbers with corresponding Christmas symbols. Drag and drop two numbers to combine them. When you combine identical numbers from 1 to 9, the rows are erased to make room for new numbers. Create a series of merged numbers and gradually increase the score in an interesting way.

Features of Santa Claus Merge Numbers:

  • Festive atmosphere: you can immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere with cheerful music, bright images and fun animations. Let the Christmas spirit guide you as you merge the numbers and make everyone happy.
  • Winning Strategy: It is important to think carefully and plan your moves while calculating. Try to guess which number will appear next and think about how each merge will change the layout of the table. You can improve your merges and score better if you plan ahead.
  • Fun theme: Spread joy at this festival. It has a fun Christmas theme, fun gameplay, and a festive atmosphere. Get your friends and family together for a cup of hot cocoa and get ready for an exciting adventure with Santa Claus Merge Numbers!

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