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About Hololive Suika Game

Dive into Hololive Suika with your favorite virtual characters! This game is for people who love Hololove characters such as Kanataso, Matsuri-chan, Fubuking, Ateishi-san, Oku, Mikochi, Rummy-chan, Nenechi, Sakamata, Captain Marine, and Captain Noel... combined with the Watermelon game is very popular.

How to play Hololive Suika Game:

Prepare yourself for these characters' energetic and lively presence, adding excitement to your Suika Games adventure.

With beautiful shapes combined with the art of fruit fusion, every moment becomes enjoyable.

Use your mouse to click or touch the screen to drop Hololive characters onto the playing field. The character's position will depend on where you click or tap.

Your goal is to merge two identical characters to form one larger and more impressive character.

Characteristics of Hololive Suika Game

- Experience the Hololive world: the game allows to increase user experience and interact with the virtual Youtuber world

- Building friendships: connecting relationships and friendships with communities that share similar interests. by participating in chats, comparing scores and sharing in-game moments

The game bridges the gap between virtual entertainment and gaming, creating a space where players can become part of the Hololive universe.

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