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About Fit Cats

If you are a fan of the match and merge game Suika and cannot resist the charm of adorable cats then Fit Cats is for you.

How to play Fit Cats:

Use your mouse or touch controls to release the cat from the screen into the play area.

The goal is to strategically release similar cats so that two identical ones—of the same shape, size, and color—collide and merge. Each successful merge will create a new cat with an increased level, helping you earn more and more points. The more cats you merge, the higher your score. Try to get as many cats into the play area as possible.

Why should you play Fit Cats?

  • The irresistible cuteness of cats: Brings an enjoyable experience for cat enthusiasts as well as casual gamers.
  • Strategic gameplay: The game challenges your strategic thinking as you aim to maximize your merges and achieve the highest score possible.
  • Endless entertainment: Play at your own pace, challenge yourself to beat previous scores, and enjoy captivating visuals and gameplay.

Get ready to drop, merge and play your way to win cat matching!

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