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About Evolution

Get ready for a wild adventure as you explore the realm of Evolved monsters! Brace yourself for a fascinating combination of monsters and genres that will immerse you.

When people play Evolution online, they are taken to a fantasy world full of monsters of all sizes and types. Your goal is to guide your creatures through the dangerous process of evolution, shaping their distinct abilities and characteristics to adapt to the environment and overcome challenges.

How to play Evolution:

The goal is to combine monsters with similar properties to create higher-level monsters. At the same time, discover new monsters that you have never seen before. Customize your strategy to create beautiful merge chains.

Why should you play Evolution?

  • Create a fusion chain: Unleash your creativity and create a fusion strategy to conquer powerful creatures.
  • Simple and engaging gameplay: Look into how evolution works and try to get more points to win. The game's world is always changing, so there are always new things to find and take over.
  • Get lost in an exciting world: Evolution has a world that is full of interesting things to discover.
  • Attempt to get better: No matter how experienced you are as a strategist or how often you play games for fun, Evolution will test your skills in a fun and difficult way. 

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