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About Emoji Merge

Enter the novel and exciting world of emojis with Emoji Merge, a thrilling and addictive game that invites you to command your army of emojis in an epic battle of symbols and emotions.

How to play Emoji Merge

Emoji Merge is a dynamic and entertaining game that takes the world of emojis into the realm of strategy and battle. Your mission is to create a powerful emoji army by merging and combining different emoji symbols. Swipe, swap and match emojis of the same type to merge them into new and more powerful characters.

As you merge emojis, build a diverse and powerful emoji army. Unlock new characters, each with their own attributes and powers. Strengthen your squad to face more formidable opponents.

Why you must play Emoji Merge: 

  • Entertainment with diverse expressions: Immerse yourself in a world where emojis turn into warriors. The game combines the fun and expressiveness of emotes with strategic gameplay, providing a fun and unique experience.
  • Strategy and challenge: Emoji Merge introduces strategic elements to the world of emoji gaming. Plan your moves, deploy your emote squad strategically, and overcome challenges to win battles.
  • Diverse emoticons: With a wide range of emojis to merge and unlock, Emoji Merge offers a diverse collection of characters. Discover new emoji combinations, unlock rare characters, and assemble an army that reflects your style.
  • Exciting battles: Experience thrilling emoji battles as you go head-to-head with your opponents. Use your emoticon soldiers wisely, discover their strengths and come up with a winning strategy to conquer different levels and opponents.
  • Reward progress: The game rewards your progress with coins, upgrades, and new emotes. This ensures a sense of achievement and motivates players to continue building and enhancing their emote army.

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